The Story Behind our Celestial Wonders Collection

The Story Behind our Celestial Wonders Collection


Hello Wonder Loves,


          Today I want to give you a little insight on the reason I decided on the “space” theme for my launch collection.

          Space: The Last Frontier, always inspires awe in me. I remember when I first saw a picture of earth from space, it looked like a little blue marble in a vast never-ending sea of stars. It was beautiful— a picture worth a thousand words. A thousand words that seem to always escape me, it’s difficult to describe the feeling.

          From an early age, I can remember daydreaming about being out in space and looking at our lovely home from afar. The greens, the blues, and everything in-between. It really gives us perspective on a grand scale. To think that we are but a small bit in an endless universe baffles my mind. It is as infinitely beautiful as it is infinitely ferocious. Space has been the source of countless fantasies for so many. It has inspired creativity in me more times than I can count. This is why I chose to bring the Celestial Wonders of our universe into my launch collection.

          Although many of us will never have the opportunity to venture out into space, we can all create our own universe on our finger tips. It is my hope that, just like the vastness of the universe has inspired me countless times, it will spark your creativity. While creating the Celestial Wonders Collection, it was also my goal to unite a group of shades that would be in style year-round. It was challenging, but we hit the nail on the head. Whether you’re looking to be the talk of the universe or stealthily beautiful, this collection can get it done.

          Have you ever dreamt of inter-galactic travel or perhaps traveling through wormholes into alternate realities? Please leave a comment and share your wildest expeditions into deep space.  


See you next time, and remember— don’t get caught naked!




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Wonder Lacquer is 10-Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan!

Wonder Lacquer is 10-Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan!


Christine May 24 2020

You can definitely see the inspiration in the colors you chose! I agree with you that I was fascinated with space as a kid. I remember learning about stars and constellations in elementary school and loving it. Even today, I’m very much drawn to galaxy and space designs. I’m so excited to try this collection! 🌌

Crystal May 24 2020

This was so insightful! As a Christian I really can’t help but come back to how Great our God is!! How can people not believe we were created and not just an accident in all this awesomeness. Haha. It’s a beautiful thing!!

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